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Architectural Model

James Mill

Cork Model of Rochdale Town Hall made by James Mill of Smallbridge. 

Rochdale Town Hall was built in 1871. It had been estimated that the building would cost £20,000 but its actual cost was £155,000.
The architect, William Henry Crossland, was the winner of a competition held in 1864 to design the building.

It originally had a 273m clock tower topped by a wooden spire with a gilded statue of Saint George and the Dragon, both of which were destroyed by fire on 10 April 1883, leaving the building without a spire for four years. A new 58m stone clock tower and spire in the style of Manchester Town Hall was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, and erected in 1888.

The building is said to have been admired by Adolf Hitler, who admired it so much that he wished to ship the building, brick-by-brick to Germany, had the United Kingdom been defeated in the Second World War.