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Blue John Window

John Tym
circa 1880

Arched window made up from thin sheets of Blue John, a fluorite mineral also known as Derbyshire Spar. The window is set into two decorative outer frames of iron and oak at Vernon Park Museum, Stockport.

Vernon Park Museum was Stockport’s very first museum. Opening in 1860, it was purpose built museum for the people of Stockport.

The window was made by John Tym, and it took him five years to construct.. He was the Curator of the museum from 1885 until his death. The site is no longer used as a museum but the Blue John Window is still on display in the foyer.

The original plaque presented with the window is also part of the museum collection. It reads:

‘This window was presented to the County Borough of Stockport by Mr John Tym, Curator of Vernon Park Museum. It is made of small pieces of fluor spar from the Blue John mine, Castleton, Derbyshire, and is the only window of its kind in existence. It took many years to construct and together with the carved oak frame round, it was entirely the work of the donor in his leisure hours’.

In the UK, Blue John mineral is only found in one place, under Treak Cliff, near Castleton, in the Peak District.