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55 BC - AD 450

British twisted silver bracelet from the Roman period found in 1865 buried in a small urn or earthenware vessel.

The vessel in which the bracelet was found was buried on Throstle Hill in the township of Walmersley about half a mile east of Grant’s Tower, on the edge of the moorlands. The old road from Bury to Burnley and Colne, passes near the spot.  The earthen vessel contained 500-700 small bronze coins, a pair of silver bracelets, a plain bracelet of silver (broken), two armlets or bracelets formed of a single twisted wire and other Roman antiquities.

The vessel and contents may have been deposited in the earth during the trouble attendant upon the usurpation of Carausius, the Admiral of the Roman fleet stationed to protect the coast of Britain from the ravages of Saxon pirates.