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Cased Trophy Fish Mounts

1907 - 1913

15 glass-fronted black cases containing specimen fish. Species include Roach, Perch, Pike, Trout, Barbel, Lamprey, Burbot, Bream Carp, Rudd, Chub and Tench.

These items were donated to Oldham Museum in 1956 by Oldham Central Angling Club via N. Whitehead of Royton. The fish were caught in a variety of locations including the River Swale at Topcliffe, North Yorkshire; the Great Ouse at Erith, Kent; Hornsea Mere, Yorkshire; River Vyrnwy, Wales and also locally in Oldham.

They show a variety of species and locations visited by the members of Oldham Angling Club. The taxidermist of some of these specimens is the famous fish preparator FW Anstiss of London.