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Child’s Cradle

c. 1788

A child’s cradle made from solid oak; it sits on two rockers and is provided with a wooden hood.

This cradle is thought to have been used by the infant Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet, following his birth at Chamber Hall (now demolished) in Bury in 1788. Peel is Bury’s most famous son and served as Prime Minister on two occasions; from December 1834 to April 1835, and also from August 1841 to June 1846.

This cradle was donated in 1909 to Bury Art Museum by Mr W R Ashworth of Greenmount, near Bury. Apparently, Peel’s nurse obtained the cradle when she finished working for the family. She passed it on to John Duckworth of Radcliffe (a friend of her nephew) when his wife gave birth to a baby girl. Mr and Mrs Duckworth later presented the cradle to their daughter, who became the wife of the donor, Mr Ashworth.