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Cinerary Urn

17th Century BC

Bronze Age cinerary urn excavated at Whitelow Hill, Ramsbottom, near Bury, in the 1970s; the urn was a receptacle for the cremated bones of the dead.  

During 1960-65 members of Bury Archaeological Group excavated an important Bronze Age Cairn-circle at Whitelow Hill, Ramsbottom near Bury.

The excavation revealed more than a dozen cremation burials, many accompanied by artefacts and pottery of a relatively early date. Six burial urns were found. The cremated remains of a child were found in one of the earthenware urns and a flint knife was ceremoniously broken and placed in the grave before it was covered with stones and earth.

Brown in colour, the urn still shows traces of pictorial representations of horseshoes, arrows and crescents. The second urn which is much smaller is decorated with a diamond pattern.

Presented to Bury Art Museum by the Bury Archaeological Society.