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Coleoptera Collection

1892 - 1969

A collection of over 10,000 British specimens of beetles representing 2,016 species and 2,705 specimens of at least 749 exotic species.

British species include a small collection found in the area around Oldham and at Werneth Park Study Centre.
Exotic species were collected from Africa, North America, Australia and Mexico, Brazil, India, China and Europe.

Collectors include: A.E. Thompson, S. Charlson, Peter Barrett, Mr Whitworth, J. Anderson, F. Dawson and the Hincks and Dibb collection of World Coleoptera.

Over 7,000 of the collection came from C.G.Hall of London, including specimens from the Rev. W.W. Fowler. These comprise 5,597 British species and 209 exotic species.

The collection includes 13 specimens of 3 extinct British species and 108 Red Data Book species.