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Commemorative Jug

circa 1818

Commemorative ceramic lustreware jug featuring the profile of Thomas Oakes. Inscription reads ‘Thomas Oakes, Lodge No.2 of Modern Druids established at Stockport 1818 Sun and Castle’.

Thomas Oakes was the Alehouse Keeper (landlord) of the ‘Sun and Castle’. The pub is first mentioned in local records in 1824, though it is known to have existed earlier being previously called ‘The Glass Barrel’. The Sun and Castle is still open for business and can be found on Middle Hillgate, Stockport.

The origin of the ‘Modern Druids’ is unclear, but they are certainly a local Friendly Society. Possibly along the lines of the Ancient Order of Druids, established in 1781. A society whose members are expected to preserve and practice principles of justice, benevolence and friendship.