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Fawn with Hand

Rachel Goodyear

This watercolour was bought for the collection because of its narrative link with Sir Edwin Landseer’s painting ‘The Random Shot’, which forms part of the Wrigley Gift. The artist was represented by The International Three with whom Bury Art Museum has developed a working relationship, collaborating on the exhibition Not at this Address in 2009. 

Rachel Goodyear looks for unlikely relationships in everything she encounters and an idea is just as likely to be sparked by a peculiar happening that interrupts the mundane, as a major event that changes the way she lives.

In this instance, a chance encounter with a website for prosthetic limbs changed the course of the drawing upon which she was working. It is strangely moving to see the dappled fawn with its carefully-engineered prosthetic limb. In Goodyear’s world modern science has saved the vulnerable fawn, whereas in Landseer’s world nature herself has damned it. As Dave Beech said in his review of Goodyear’s We Will Cancel Your Membership and You Will Owe Us Nothing [Untitled Magazine, # 35, Summer 2005], “Nothing is at home in these works, as if the world had been tapped lightly and everything had stumbled into unfamiliar positions”.