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Fred Perry Commemorative Tea Service

circa 1935

Silver tea service, made by J K Winters, presented to Fred Perry by the County Borough of Stockport, May 7th 1935. 

Fred Perry was born in Stockport in 1909 and remains one of Britain’s most decorated tennis players and Stockport’s most famous sons. He was presented this tea service in 1935 in recognition for his sporting achievements.

It was made locally by J K Winters, a jewellers and watchmakers owned by Jacob Winter. The business was located on Little Underbank in Stockport town centre. Local residents have fond memories of the unique clock which was mounted outside the shop. At one time three automaton figures would strike the bells, the figures and clock still remain outside the building although the shop is now a pub.

This tea service was made in 1935, the year Jacob Winter died and Louis Winter took over the business. Louis was a magistrate for Stockport, a leading member of the Jewish community and an air raid warden for the town centre during World War II.