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Glass Shop Signs

Glass shop signs from ‘Bradburn’s Eccles Cake Shop’, 56 Church Street, Eccles, site of the original Eccles Cake shop.

Eccles Cakes became world famous. As early as 1818 they were said to be sold ‘at all the markets and fairs around and are even exported to America and the West Indies’.

James Birch opened the original Eccles Cake shop in 1796 at 56 Church Street, Eccles. In 1811 he moved to a larger property on the opposite side of Church Street. William Bradburn, James Birch’s former apprentice then occupied the original cake shop, also making Eccles Cakes. Bradburn claimed he ran ‘The only old original Eccles Cake shop, never removed, on the site of these premises Eccles Cakes were first made’. The shop was demolished in the 1960s to make way for Eccles shopping precinct.

Salford Museum and Art Gallery also hold Bradburn’s shop window from the same address.