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Gloucester Gate, Regent’s Park, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Adrian Berg
1977 - 1979

This painting depicts Regent’s Park, as seen from the artist’s studio in Gloucester Gate. From the early 1960s until 1988, when Berg left London, this particular view of Regent’s Park was one of his principal subjects.

The composition of the painting does not follow conventional rules of perspective. Instead the painting may be seen, as the artist puts it, ‘four ways round’. He has explained: ‘Everything in the painting can be seen from my studio window. Naturally I can see through an arc of 180 degrees. In choosing to fill a square canvas with this view I have joined up what I see on the extreme left to what I see on the extreme right.’

Berg has observed the changes in the landscape of the park over a year. He found that through division of the image he could refer to and examine his changing perception of this landscape through time.