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Greek Vase

550 - 520 BC

Black Attic or Athenian amphora or wine jar known as the ‘Swing Painter vase’ .

The subject depicted on the vase is a combat between three warriors on foot and a four-horse chariot. The figures are painted in black on a red frame or panel. The rest of the vase is covered in black pigment.

The artist was named swing painter because he painted a very beautiful amphora depicting a girl on a swing. The vase is currently in the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The ancient Greeks made pots as storage containers and to eat and drink from. This amphora was probably a storage jar for wine. Pots were decorated with all kinds of scenes, from stories of heroes to everyday life. Often there is a link between the shape of the pot or the way it was used and the scenes painted on to it e.g pots used for entertaining guests were decorated to impress, showing scenes of battles or of the deeds of the god of wine, Dionysus.