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Haughton Green Glass Jug

17th Century

It was found by archaeologists at Haughton Green near Denton.

It came from the site of a coal-fired glassworks that made window glass and vessel glass in the seventeenth century. Window glass was in demand for the many new halls and farmhouses that were being built.

Making glass vessels was a specialised task which attracted skilled workers. Two prominent Huguenot glass-working families, the Du Houx and Pilmeys, came from France to live here. A French plate also found at the site bears the date 1615, which suggests they came sometime after that. Also found at the site was a bowl, fragments of bottles, and thousands of smaller shards of glass.

The Haughton Green excavation took place in the early 1970s and was the first coal fired glass furnace to be excavated by archaeologists in England.