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James Nield Herbarium

James Nield
1866 - 1889

About 10,000 dried pressed plants.

Donated to Oldham Museum in 1995 by Oldham Microscopical & Natural History Society. The original owner was James Nield who collected over 900 specimens and was a founding member of this Society in 1864. The collection contains plants from all over the UK from the Channel Isles and Cornwall in the south to Sutherland in the north of Scotland. From Anglesey in the west to Norfolk in the east.

Over 100 of Nield’s contemporaries are represented in the collection and several 20th century botanists have since made additions. The collection is particularly rich in Scottish Alpines which seemed to hold a fascination for Oldham botanists. There are several species represented now lost to the local flora; several first county records and specimens of plants now extinct at county level.