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Mummy-case of Takhenmes

747 - 656 BC

This mummy-case was acquired with the outer coffin, found in the debris that had accumulated in the northern part of the Middle Colonnade of the temple of Hatshepsut in the eight centuries since the building of that structure.

The case is of a basic type first found during the reign of Shoshenq I (945-924 BC), replacing earlier customs of covering the mummy’s head with a mask, or laying a full-length board in the shape of masked mummy atop the whole mummy.

In the new approach the mummy was sealed in a solid envelope, made on a former and fitted round the wrapped mummy before being laced up at the rear, receiving a final coat of plaster and being painted. A wooden board pegged under the feet completed the process. As a result, the mummy could only be removed by cutting the case open. This mummy-case is one of the very latest of the genre, as is shown by the pedestal below its feet – a feature of a new kind of inner coffin that had replaced such cartonnage cases by around 600 BC.