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Northern Saturday

Harry Rutherford

Here is a depiction of a bustling market scene.

Harry Rutherford paints a busy Saturday market scene in Hyde. In the distance are mills and locally recognisable shop fronts and buildings. Under the stalls’ awnings locals are doing their weekend shopping. Children ride the bright merry-go-round. Three men leaning against the coffee stall are chatting casually with their hands in their pockets. Women drag their small children across the market place out of the cold.

The figures are so demonstrative, adding to the ambience and spontaneity of the work. There is something happening in every part of the painting, and this gives the work its vibrancy.

The painting depicts Hyde as it looked just after the Second World War. The painting is held in high regard by people in Tameside as it shows their market in Hyde in all its glory and vibrancy. 

Harry Rutherford was a local artist of national reknown. He was born in Denton in 1903 and died in Hyde in 1983. He was a popular local character frequently seen around the borough with his sketchbook in his hand.

He was taught by Walter Sickert and played in important role in the first years of television both as an artist and presenter.