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Notices (a set of three)

David Osbaldeston
2005 - 2008

This print directly connects two of Bury Art Museum’s main interests; in Manchester-based artists and in text, or language, art.

David Osbaldeston is senior lecturer in Fine art at the Manchester School of Art. His occasional series of Notices draws upon the territory of ‘Institutional Critique’, which articulates the artist’s ongoing interest in the relationships between cultural events past and present.

The Notices aim to act as visual and ideological reminders of C18th or C19th leaflets or posters that could be attributed to radical or political movements of the period and produced as agents for change.

Their visual language is now charged with fixed meanings that have long been overtaken by developments in both sociology and technology. The posters are digitally-reproduced inkjet prints of drawings, each from an edition of ten, that aim to mirror the urgency and and authority of the printed word in a contemporary situation that increasingly demands change under quite different circumstances of cultural production.