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Stockport Open Crank Gas Engine

late 19th Century

Quarter scale model of the ‘Stockport’ Open Crank Gas Engine no.8175, modelled by K C Gray. The original was built by J E H Andrew and Co Reddish, Stockport.

Stockport played a part in the development of internal combustion engines through the work of the firm J E H Andrew. They originally made machinery for the tobacco industry. After seeing the ‘Bisschop’ gas engine at a Paris exhibition, J E H Andrew bought the sole right to manufacture the machine in this country and went into production in 1878. The engine was a small scale device with limited power; its uses included the driving of printing machinery and potato washing machinery in chip shops. Andrew’s firm subsequently developed the much larger ‘Stockport’ gas engine. In 1887 the company relocated to new works near Reddish South Station, where manufacture included a gas engine of 400 horse power, at the time the largest ever made.