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Peruvian Mummy Bundle

1000 - 1400

Intact Peruvian mummy bundles are extremely rare as most were unwrapped when they were discovered in order to examine their construction and contents. This mummy has been preserved as it was deposited in the tomb.

The mummy itself is inside the main body of the bundle. The head on the top of the bundle is decorative and is stuffed with the features indicated in metal plates. The mummy bundle is bound at the bottom by cords in a net pattern. Small bags, which may contain cocoa leaves, hang from a strap around the middle of the mummy.

We know a bit about the contents of this mummy bundle based on the other examples that were unwrapped and on X-rays and CT-scans. Inside is a body of a girl about 8 years old. Metal plates cover the eyes and mouth and two spiny oyster (spondylus) shells are on the heels.

She is hugging a rectangular basket holding weaving equipment. A reed mat is tightly wrapped around the body which was then wrapped in numerous layers of textiles. The X-rays and CT scans show at a large metal pin holds some of these layers in place.