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19th Century

Born in Bury in1803 Robert Hall started work at the age of 11 as a hand-loom weaver and at the age of 16 he became an apprentice engineer at Newbould’s ironworks, going on to found his own firm that produced machinery for the textile industry.

As textile machinery engineers, the firm was second to none. It was internationally renowned, and by 1877, his premises needed to be substantially increased in size. He realised that mass production depended on volume sales and he used posters to publicise and sell his products. Marketing the firm’s designs became important, his potential consumers had to be made aware of what was on offer.

Robert Hall’s engineering company established in the 1850’s produced hundreds of posters displaying the machinery they produced for the textile industry. Robert Hall’s sold their goods all over the world; many of their advertising catalogues & posters were translated into various foreign languages, making the firm truly international.