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Carved pulpit in dark wood known locally as the Wesley Pulpit.

The pulpit is one of the original features of Manchester Street Church in Oldham which was opened by John Wesley on Good Friday in 1790.

It has had a long history of use – after the closure of Manchester Street Church it was moved to St. Domingo Street School and from there it went to Union Street Methodist Church before then being transferred to Hollins Methodist Church, Millgate. It became part of Gallery Oldham’s collections in 1993.

John Wesley is noted as one of the founders of the Methodist movement in the 1700s. He gave the opening sermon from this pulpit on Good Friday 1790 and the object has been known as the Wesley Pulpit ever since.

John Wesley died the year after his visit to Oldham, aged 88. The pulpit was kept in use for over 200 years.