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circa 1920

A shaving kit.

It was taken from the body of Walter Leo Murphy, Commander of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Cork Brigade, IRA (Irish Republican Army).

This object comes from the Manchester Regiment’s time serving in Northern Ireland and is a poignant reminder of those turbulent times.

Murphy was shot by members of the 2nd Battalion of the Manchester Regiment when he refused to surrender to them on 27 June 1921.

The 2nd Battalion served in Ireland between 1920 and 1922. During this time three 17-year old Band Boys were killed by the IRA. These boys were:

  • Charles Arthur Chapman (3513058) of Edge Lane, Droylsden.

  • Mathew Carson (3513560) of 77 Trafford Grove, Stretford.

  • John Cooper (3513044) of 22 Peters Street, Oldham.

On 28 June 1921 a Court of Enquiry at Ballincollig heard that an eight-man patrol of the Manchester Regiment visited Donovan’s public house in Waterfall at around 22.30 on 27 June 1921. Murphy dashed out, was ordered to halt, refused and was shot dead. Sergeant Denis Twomey told the Court that Murphy had been on the run since 1919. No blame was found to be attached to the military in the execution of their duty.