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Revolution of the 19th Century (in 2 parts)

Pavel Büchler

Pavel Büchler is the Research Professor in Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and his large scale installation ‘Studio Schwitters’ was featured in the 2011 Text Festival held at Bury Art Museum.

Büchler’s work evolves around two fundamental concerns: time and the manipulation of found materials. He is concerned with the distortions of language and because of his fascination with the limits of the communicative properties of visual language, gives his critical attention to the gaps in communication.

In this case he quotes the writings of Karl Marx using ‘found’ letterpress blocks. There were not sufficient letters to print the complete quote, so there are, quite literally, gaps in this communication, yet they can still be recognised and understood whilst, at the same time, being made strange. In this way, the artist appears to question the legitimacy of communication in addition to highlighting the paradox of both its ephemeral and long-lasting nature.