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Samian Ware

AD 90 - 110

Small sherd of Samian Ware, produced in the southern Gaul region, its decoration shows a gladiatorial scene.  

Samian Ware is notable for its applied and moulded decorations which consist of stylised human and animal forms usually in a border of vines or patterned shapes.

This sherd is of particular significance on account of the rarity of its decoration. It was excavated in Prestwich near Bury.

Samian pottery is red-coated tableware, which was imported into Britain on a vast scale during the Roman period, chiefly from Gaul.

This distinct pottery is our single most potent source of dating evidence for sites occupied during the first and second centuries. It is often found with potters’ stamps in much the same way that modern pottery is marked with the manufacturer’s name.