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Elizabeth Hodgates

“The factory child’s trouble” sampler worked by Elizabeth Hodgates, aged 12 years.

Elizabeth Hodgates was thought to have lived in the Trinity area of Salford.

In lamenting the lot of ‘the factory child,’ this sampler worked by a girl who lived in Salford, unusually makes a social comment on the times, referring to child labour in the period. It is interesting to note that 1833 marked the passing of the first effective Factory Act by Parliament.
It is also representative of Salford Museum and Art Gallery’s collection of samplers.

It reads:

The factory child’s trouble

In the dead of the night when you take your sweet sleep
Through the dark dismal street’s to my labours I creep
To the din of the loom till my poor brain seems wild
I return an unfortunate factory child

The bright bloom of health as forsaken my cheek
My spirits are gone and my young limbs grow weak
Oh ye rich and ye mighty let sympathy mild
Appeal to your hearts for the factory child