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Robert Grenier

‘Sentences’ is a seminal work in the history of American Language poetry by Robert Grenier. This example was purchased to consolidate Bury Art Museum’s holding of works by this artist who enjoys an international reputation. The text of ‘Sentences’ is often referenced in scholarly accounts of Grenier’s work & the history of Language Writing generally, but the “thing itself’ has been out of print and unavailable for more than 30 years.

For many years Robert Grenier has been one of the key proponents of minimalist poetry. His version of minimal poetry, although incredibly reductive, results in a richness of detail. Collections include ‘Oakland’, ‘A Day at the Beach’ and ‘Sentences’ amongst others.

‘Sentences’ is particularly indicative of his oeuvre: 500 short poems, one on each index card, which can be read in any order. Grenier’s recent “books” have been variously described as folios of haiku-like inscriptions or transcriptions. Examples of his current holograph poems can be seen on-line through the Grenier Author Page at the Electronic Poetry Center.