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Signature Quilt


Autograph or signature quilt made for a bazaar in aid of the NSPCC held in Manchester in December 1895.  

The quilt was also displayed in Rochdale Town Hall before it went to the bazaar in Manchester.
It was previously thought that the quilt was made by Emily Taylor of Ann Street (A family of tripe dressers) however research has shown that it was actually made by Mrs J T Worth (Marianne Worth) whose name appears on the quilt and Marianne’s daughter Agnes (also a signatory) J T Worth covered the material cost of the quilt and the quilt was given to Mr J C Worth (a signatory) who is connected to Emily Taylor.

The initial R in the centre of the quilt stands for Rochdale and the four central pairs of signatures are: Clement Molyneux Royds MP and his wife A J Nora Royds (who took the quilt to the bazaar) George Kemp MP, John A Bright MP and his wife Edith and Archdeacon J A Wilson MA of St Chads and his wife Georgina.

Signatories paid a sum of money to have their names embroidered on the quilt and the money raised was donated to the NSPCC.

The research into this quilt was undertaken by Dr Alison Slater as part of Lynn Setterington’s Please Sign Here project (2013). Further information is available in Alison’s book, Mrs Worth’s Autograph Quilt, which is held at The Local Studies Centre, Touchstones Rochdale.