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Silk Embroidered Postcard

An embroidered postcard

It was sent home to England by a soldier fighting in the trenches in France. It is addressed to Miss Ethel Atkinson of Moss Side and the message reads: ‘To my darling babe, wishing you a very happy birthday, with fondest love from Dad.’

Silk postcards such as this one are timeless reminders of the First World War. Though first produced in 1907, silk postcards grew in popularity from 1915. Some estimates suggest as many as 10 million cards were produced during the war.

This postcard bears the message ‘A Kiss from your Daddy’ and shows four swallows perched upon telephone cables. The swallow is a recognised symbol of hope and the telephone cables (used for sending telegrams during the First World War) coupled with the very nature of the postcard they are represented on, emphasise the act of receiving optimistic messages from loved ones on the front line.