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Sir Roger and Lady Bradshaigh

Edward Haytley

Acquired from a Sotheby’s auction in the 1980s.

Sir Roger is standing beside a telescope with Lady Bradshaigh seated nearby, figures in a boat beyond and Haigh Hall in the background, an important Wigan landmark and historic building.

Of particular interest is the Windsor chair, thought to be one of the earliest depictions in a painting. The telescope is also of scientific interest and represents Sir Roger’s knowledge of science and technology.

The Haigh Estate was acquired by the Earls of Crawford through marriage in 1780.

The Bradshaighs were a notable Wigan family, providing MPs and Mayors for the town. They also developed commercial coalmining on the Haigh estate in the sixteenth century. Lady Bradshaigh was a friend of the author Samuel Richardson, who requested a copy of the painting to hang in his London home.