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Sticky Grenade

1940 - 1943

The Anti-tank hand grenade or ‘sticky bomb’. Consists of a black metal handle supporting a fabric covered glass sphere containing Nitro-glycerine explosive. The grenades were dipped in tar to enable them to stick to the sides of tanks when thrown. 

Weapons, aircraft, medical supplies and uniforms all had to be made in huge volumes to meet the demand of government orders. As an established centre of industrial production with a highly skilled workforce, Stockport was well placed to supply all kinds of products needed for war.

Sticky bombs were manufactured by a local Stockport company called Kay Brothers. Known for their adhesives they were approached to develop the sticky bomb by the Government during World War II. As large numbers of their male workers had been ‘called up’ this left the factories short of skilled labour. Like many of Stockport’s companies, Kay Brothers had to change their policy of ‘no married women workers’ and actively recruited all female workers to maintain their workforce.

The accompanying images show women assembling and packing the sticky bombs at the Kay Brothers factory.