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Sword and Scabbard


Sword and scabbard. The sword is engraved with ‘Capt Raphael Semmes’ and on the reverse ‘Steamer Alabama CSN’ and ’1864′. Made by Walscheid, Solingen, Germany.

This sword was originally made for Captain Raphael Semmes, captain of the Confederate steamer C.S.S. Alabama during the American Civil War.

This fractious conflict from 1861 to 1865 was fought between the Union or Northern States of America and several Southern slave owning states. The war had its origins in the issue of slavery.
After four years of combat the Southern States were defeated, slavery was abolished and the reconstruction process for the country began.

This sword is now part of the Museum collection and was gifted to Gracie Fields by Mr Alford Robinson in 1938. Gracie Fields had the sword at her home in Peacehaven, Sussex for many years before it was presented to the Museum Service in 1989.