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Temperance Banner

early 20th Century

Temperance banner from the Hempshaw Lane Methodist Mission, Stockport. The white vinyl banner is attached to a wooden pole and is printed with the text ‘Strong Drink is Raging’ in red and blue. The motto on the banner is taken from Proverbs 20:1 ‘Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise’.

The banner is evidence of the activities of the Temperence movement in Stockport. The local Temperance Hall on Petersgate later became the Theatre Royal.

In the 1870s, members of the Temperance Movement lobbied to change the name of Dog Kennel Lane in Moss Side, Manchester to ‘Maine Road’ in recognition of the 1851 Maine law, prohibiting the production of alcohol except for ‘medicinal, mechanical or manufacturing purposes’. The law was used to implement the Temperance Movement in the United States. While the prohibition of alcohol was widely sought in the United States, the Movement in the United Kingdom generally encouraged consuming in moderation.

Maine Road is now best known as the former home of Manchester F.C. football stadium, but the name remains to commemorate the work of the Temperance Movement in the area.