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The Drinking Place

Alexander Stanhope Forbes

Landscape showing John Phillips, a farmer from Sancreed near Penzance with two horses drinking from a pool of water.

Stanhope Forbes was the leading figure in a colony of artists based in Newlyn, Cornwall, which was then a small fishing village.

The group was active in Newlyn in the last two decades of the 19th century. They pioneered a new way of painting in Britain, working directly on the canvas , out of doors, rather than making sketches outdoors which were then worked up on canvas in the studio. They also developed a different brush technique, using a squarer brush that made brush marks more prominent.

This celebrated painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy and in America before it was bought for the town from the annual Oldham Spring Exhibition.

By the time that he painted this work Stanhope Forbes was one of the few artists remaining in the colony where he continued to paint scenes of local life and landscapes.