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The Five-Wheeled Omnibus

British School
1861 - 1866

This is an oil painting of the Five-Wheeled Omnibus painted in the style of the British School.

The Five-Wheeled Omnibus ran for a limited time in Salford and was an attempt to introduce a form of rail traction.  In 1861 an iron tramway was laid down in the Salford area on Haworth’s Patent Perambulating Principle.  It had flat metal rails upon which the tyres of the horse buses would run and a centre guide rail into which the fifth wheel could be lowered.  This would keep the vehicle running on the rails.  The system was not extended and passed out of use.

It is believed that organised public transport started in Salford in 1824 when John Greenwood started a regular horse bus service from Pendleton Toll Gates to Market Street, Manchester.  Salford and Manchester continued to be at the forefront of public transport innovation.