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The Prestwich Hoard

1100 - 1154

A small silver penny from a hoard of 1,065 silver coins dating from the 12th century, mostly made in the reigns of Henry I (1100-1135) and Stephen (1135-1154). 

The Prestwich Hoard is an important local find and 12½ coins from the Hoard are now in Bury Museum.

The coins were discovered during re-surfacing work in the playground of the Jewish Junior Day School, Bury New Road, Prestwich in 1972.

An archaeological dig began and the site was excavated from 19th April to the 13th October. 1,065 coins, mainly dating from the reign of King Stephen, were discovered, originally hidden in a pot vase, or container, which was broken during the discovery.

The coins were retained in various museums and 334 were sold in auction in 1974 by Sotheby’s. The remainder were returned to the finders and most subsequently dispersed. Bolton Museum has 9 coins, including one Henry I, seven Stephen and one David I of Scotland, which were acquired from the British Museum, where 185 coins from the Hoard still remain.