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This is Your Life Book


This Is Your Life book that was presented to Gracie Fields by the host Eamon Andrews when she appeared on the programme on 21st March 1960.

Gracie Fields was born above her Grandmother’s chip shop on Molesworth Street, Rochdale on 9 January 1898.

Gracie was to sing and clown her way to international stardom, eventually becoming the highest paid movie star in the world in the 1930′s. Gracie began her career by coming joint first in a talent contest at the Rochdale Hippodrome. Her prize money was 10/6d (about 52p), which was almost half the average weekly wage of a millworker at the time.

By 1934 she had sold over 4 million records and had begun the film career that was to take her to Hollywood and make her into an international superstar.