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Trench Art Cap

1914 - 1918

A brass shell case that has been shaped into an intricate military cap. The rim has been beaten out by hand to form a peak. A strip of copper has been added as a cap band and a cap badge has been attached.

It was made a soldier from the Manchester Regiment in the First World War trenches.

They are reminders of soldiers who encountered the endless bombardment, gas attacks and boredom of battle. They also reveal the grief felt by soldiers, and by bereaved relatives who bought them as souvenirs. For some they served as personalised pieces of remembrance. For others they were sold as souvenirs in exchange for food, cigarettes and money.

Trench Art is the name given to objects crafted by soldiers, prisoners of war and civilians during times of conflict. They are made from the materials of war including metal, cloth, wood, stone and bone. The objects created are part of the human experience of warfare. Items typically made by soldiers include decorated artillery shell cases, writing equipment, smoking items, models, embroidered and beaded objects and jewellery.