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Herbert C Ponting

This is a photograph of Captain Robert Scott’s sledge dog Vida from his fateful British Antarctic Expedition 1911-1913.

The photograph was taken by the official photographer Herbert C. Ponting on Scott’s attempt to reach the South Pole before the Norwegian Roald Amundsen.

Scott didn’t beat Amundsen to the Pole and he and some of his men sadly died before returning to their ship Terra Nova.

Vida struggled with his bad coat and used to snuggle up to Scott who commented in his diary: “He is a strange beast – I imagine so unused to kindness that it took him time to appreciate it”.

The photograph documents Scott’s final voyage and is therefore an important historical document of Britain’s Polar explorations.

It is also important to Tameside as it was the local manufacturers Keynon and Sons who supplied the ropes for the expedition.

This is one of three photographs presented to the firm after the return Scott’s ship Terra Nova.

The photographs were given to Tameside Museums and Galleries Service by the company.