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Walking Stick

circa 1760

Walking stick with King George IV gold sovereign coin mounted onto the handle. The coin has been polished and inscribed with ‘This stick belonged to John Collier Esq – Tim Bobbin – born at Urmston Dec 16th 1708.  died at Milnrow July 14th 1786′

John Collier was known as a gregarious, hard-drinking man, a wit and satirist, skilled at making fun of people in power and the self-important.

He was a painter, engraver and cartoonist (known as the Lancashire Hogarth) the latter talent bringing him recognition from far and wide – although the money he earned was soon frittered away. He was also a musician and an historian and a schoolmaster who counted the writing of wills and letters amongst his useful talents (many people could neither read nor write in those days, so a literate man could earn a little money by helping them).

Tim Bobbin was the pen-name he used as an artist – and as the writer of tales in the Lancashire Dialect – to which he also compiled the first dictionary.