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Wedgwood Cassolette Vase

circa 1769

This Wedgwood vase was formerly owned by Thomas Wrigley of Bury whose art collection forms the basis of the collection at Bury Art Museum. 

The firm of Wedgwood was both one of the most famous and longest-established pottery manufacturers in the United Kingdom, before it went into administration in 2009.  The factory’s long history started when the founder, Josiah Wedgwood aged 24, entered into partnership with Thomas Whieldon in 1754.

As a result of Whieldon’s encouragement, he became interested in various technical developments, which propelled the factory towards experimenting in the making of a variety of different types of ware.

Two types in particular were brought to a pinnacle of perfection, much imitated by other factories but seldom bettered; both are embodied in this one vase. These are “creamware”, which Wedgwood marketed as “Queen’s Ware” (after Queen Charlotte had ordered a breakfast service in it) and a coloured unglazed stoneware, which he marketed as “jasperware”.

This vase was purchased by Bury Corporation in 1899 from the sale of the contents of ‘Timberhurst’ (Thomas Wrigley’s house)